This is the Atomic Mouse informational website, not a webstore. The majority of our in-print releases can be found through popular on-line channels thanks to our distributor, Fractional Farthing. If you can't find what you're looking for out there, by all means send a note to ffdistro[at]dvpolymedia[dot]com for availability of physical product or check the music links at for direct digital offerings.


Atomic Mouse Recordings is a fiercely independent music label focusing on small releases by odd and interesting artists. Release formats vary according to project, usually on one or more of the following formats: CD, CDr, vinyl, lathe-cut vinyl, and/or digital. Many titles are also available through a number of streaming services.


The label was started in Chicago during the summer of 1999. The founder, Robert May, had been an active musician in Vancouver, Canada, during the 80s and early 90s and had been involved in several small Vancouver labels (Vertical Records, Sketchy Records, and the cassette-only Deviant Productions). Atomic Mouse Recordings was initially founded with an eye to helping DIY artists do small niche-run releases and to re-issue material that had never appeared in a digital format.

The first releases were available only on CDr. By 2005, some titles were being produced on factory-pressed CDs, AMR's first vinyl record was released, and the move to providing digitally-available versions was under way.

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By 2007, the label had grown well beyond its initial mission and needed to be re-structured. The distribution portion of the label was spun off as Fractional Farthing and a new and separate imprint (Secular Pineapple) was established to handle just experimental and electronic releases. Standard Deviation Music was also established to handle music publishing and licensing.

At the end of 2009, the Evanston, IL and Chicago offices were consolidated and moved to Hollywood, CA. After a failed attempt to launch a stand-alone concert and management company, the label was nearly decimated and remained barely active until the spring of 2014. The Self Propulsion Laboratory was established during this low period to help re-focus on the label's artist-driven and DIY low-budget roots.


amrmusic [at ] gmail [dot] com
(links ok, but DO NOT send attachements)

Atomic Mouse / Fractional Farthing
PO Box 1138
Hollywood, CA 90078


Since we're a bare-bones outfit that almost always works with people we already know, it would be unusual for us to release something based on an unsolicited demo. That said, we're not necessarily opposed to the idea. Especially on a co-funded release.

You can either send a physical kit to the PO Box or links via email (NO ATTACHMENTS). Response may be slow and is not guaranteed.

Also note: we LOVE punk rock, but we generally don't release it because there are so many others out there doing it and doing it so well that we don't feel we have anything to contribute there. It'd have to be really weird and/or genre bending for us to want to do it. Same kind of thing goes for metal and hip-hop, it would have to be really out there or from someone we know really well for us to get involved.

We can also accept experimental and electronic submissions for the Secular Pineapple imprint.